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Tess Degen - The Clean House
Tess Degen - Sweeney Todd
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Tess Degen

Actor and dancer.

Originally from Berlin, Germany and raised in a bi-cultural family, Tess spent 10 years dancing and training in New York City before settling in the Boston area. In the past 20 years, Tess has participated in many professional theatre productions as an actor, dancer and puppeteer. Her credits also include film performances with local directors and background work for large Hollywood productions.

Actor Tess Degen

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'Matchless' at the Central Square Theater
Tess Degen as Mother in the Central Square Theater production of ‘Matchless’

Miscellaneous Projects Pictures
Woman's Sufferage Centennial Celebration
On June 25th, 2019, Tess participated in the Greater Boston Women’s Vote Centennial project with History at Play

Photos by Suzanne Ouellette

'Early Bird Special' and 'Please Stay' at Gloucester's Rogers Street Theater
Tess Degen - Early Bird Special and Please Stay
'Irresistible' and Tess Degen's 'Jump'
'Irresistible' presented by Liars & Believers
Tess Degen in Irresistible
Tess premiered her solo piece 'JUMP'

"Tess Degen, a theater artist originally from Berlin, found inspiration in stories of the Berlin Wall. Her piece, 'JUMP,' again produced in collaboration with other artists, tells the true story of Helga Knittel, who jumped from a second story window to find freedom in West Berlin while she was pregnant. 'This is a kind of resistance I don’t understand,' says Degen. 'That kind of jumping I can’t fathom. So I’m exploring what that means for us today.'"

Hannah Chanatry


The wall at Brandenburg Gate - Jump by Tess Degen
'La Llorona'
"The Mom character, played wonderfully and with impeccable timing by Tess Degen..."
New England Theater Geek

La Llorona by Cecelia Raker
Tess Degen - Mom in La Llorona
Sunshower Productions (Video)

“I’ve hired Tess a number of times over the last 5 years and I have found her to be professional, competent and most of all, she cares about each project she gets involved in. She learns her lines (somehow a rarity these days) and she brings her heart and mind to each role.”

Joel Lesko

Sunshower Productions