Moving Masters Academy Presents:

      Positive Presence: A Guide to Practice


 Positive Presence: We may not know how to define it, but we know it when   we see it. It can make or break presentations, careers, even relationships.       While we may not have been born with it, we can acquire the skill, practice     it, and put it into action in our daily lives.


 Discover three tools to help transform your fear of presenting or public   speaking into enthusiasm to share what you know. Through vocal and   physical warm-ups, performance tips and guided cues for more connected   body language and alignment, you will discover specific ways to enter a   room as your true self, and advance in your career with grace and   confidence.


 Join Liz Solar and Tess Degen for an Introductory Session on 

 Sunday, December 8 2019 at 1-3 pm

 Unitarian Universalist Church Fellowship Hall 

 (located across the church down the driveway)

 cost $65.00

 In Liz Solar’s extensive broadcast media background, she hosted, produced and developed interview shows and newscasts, on and off-camera.  A full-time voice actor since 2005, her clients include both national and international brands. A natural storyteller, she hosts live events, and completed her first novel. She has taught at Emerson College, and continues to provide private coaching.

 Tess Degen has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique, Pilates, Dance, Voice and Acting for the past 30 years. Tess has honed in on the practicality of becoming aware and present for the sake of performance and  relationships. Her Manhattan practice included Broadway stars and corporate management and focused on the relationship with the body to increase kinesthetic awareness. Enter the Room with your Full Self.