Pilates is a key component of a well-rounded fitness program. No matter your fitness background, you will improve posture, body alignment and achieve an optimum core workout - whether you take a group mat class or work one-on-one on the Reformer at the new studio in West Concord, MA.

Joseph Pilates, raised in Germany like me, devised the Pilates discipline during WW1 in England as an internee and then brought the method to NYC where ballerinas flocked to his studio followed by in-the-know New Yorkers in search of the finest exercise regimen of the mid century. Fast forward to the early 1990s when, as a dancer, I first studied Pilates with Cary Regan and Kathy Grant, a student of Joseph Pilates, to increase strength, flexibility and ease in movement to further my dance career.

My approach - both on the mat,  the Reformer and Ladder barrel is to incorporate a deep warm up coupled with keen attention to your individual movement pattern. With a few simple tools like Joe's Magic circle, small balls and the Thera band, I prepare your body to move better in every way.  This attention to detail is the also the focus of my one-on-one sessions.


Online Class Schedule


Monday 10 am

Beginner mat work-out with slow warm up and cool down

Tuesday 10 am 

Pilates with Exercise ball ( optional! You can also use a chair)


Wednesday 10 am


Thursday 10 m

Pilates with small weights (3-5 pounds optional)

Friday 10 am 




Private instruction available, please contact for rates

781-258-0874 for questions


Short Sample Class

Tess holds additional certifications and decades of experience in Alexander Technique, Yoga for Cancer and Simonson Technique

The Alexander Technique

Current events have made it necessary to teach the Alexander Technique as a concept online. I will offer classes and webinars to teach you about the ease of movement discovered by F.M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique teaches the student to become kinesthetically aware of faulty movement patterns that cause tension and pain. A lesson analyzes the student's habitual pattern and offer verbal and hands-on guidance to redirect the body. The Alexander Technique is an amazingly enlightening experience.

I studied The Alexander Technique with Alan Katz and Joel Kendall in New York City and quickly opened a practice on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. My favorite offering is to work one on one with a client concluding with table work.

Yoga for Cancer


Simonson Technique

Simonson Technique, created and developed by master teacher Lynn Simonson, is an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware.

Tess Degen teaches Simonson Jazz Beginner and Slow Intermediate to students at Boston Ballet and other local studios.

Learn more at www.lynnsimonson.com

It all started with Lynn Simonson at Dance Space